Tulsa Workers Compensation Court

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Tulsa Workers' Compensation Court


Courthouse Location & Contact Information

Tulsa Workers' Compensation Court 440 South Houston, Second Floor Tulsa, OK 74127 Telephone: (918) 581-2714 | Google Map.

Workers' Compensation Commission 440 South Houston, Second Floor Tulsa, OK 74127 Telephone: (918) 295-3732

Other Oklahoma Workers' Compensation Courts

Relevant Statutes for Oklahoma City Workers' Compensation Court

Tulsa Workers' Compensation Court Judges

  • Honorable Judge Mary Black (Presiding Judge)
  • Hon. Judge Kent Eldridge
  • Hon. Judge Charri Farrar
  • Hon. Judge Grove
  • Hon. Judge Michael Harkey
  • Hon. Judge Tom Leonard (Vice Presiding Judge)
  • Hon. Judge John McCormick
  • Hon. Judge Gene Prigmore
  • Hon. Judge Eric Quandt

Ex Tulsa Workers' Compensation Court Judges

  • Hon. Judge Richard L. Blanchard
  • Hpn. Judge Susan Conyers
  • Hon. Judge Ellen C. Edwards
  • Hon. Judge Jim Filosa
  • Hon. Judge Kenton W. Fulton
  • Hon. Judge Richard G. Mason
  • Hon. Judge Jerry L. Salyer
  • Hon. Judge Victor Seagle

Tulsa Workers' Compensation Attorneys and Lawyers

If you have a case pending in Tulsa Workers' Compensation Court or otherwise need an Oklahoma Workers' Compensation Attorney, view EsquireEmpire's Okahoma Attorney Directory or listing of Lawyers who practice in Workers' Compensation.

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