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Supervised Visitation under Oklahoma Law

  • Oklahoma Law. The Oklahoma Legislature passed the Oklahoma Supervised Visitation Program in 2004 and it gives the authority for Oklahoma Courts to require a noncustodial parent's visitation with his or her minor child(ren) be supervised in order to protect the child or other parties. Okla. Stat. tit. 43, § 110.1a (2004).
  • Definition. "Supervised visitation" means the court-ordered contact between a noncustodial parent and one or more children of such parent in the presence of a third-party person who is responsible for observing and overseeing the visitation in order to provide for the safety of the child and any other parties during the visitation.
  • Supervisor's Immunity. Court appointed Professional Visitation Supervisors in Oklahoma are immune from liability for acts or omission committed or suffered in the performance of the duties pursuant to Okla. Stat. tit. 43, § 110.1a (2004), except for in the case of acts of dishonesty, willful criminal acts, or gross negligence.
  • Directory of Oklahoma Professional Visitation Supervisors.

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