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What is EsquireEmpire?

EsquireEmpire is a wiki site concerning Oklahoma legal issues and and law related directories. A wiki is a type of Web site that allows visitors to easily add, remove, or otherwise edit and change the available content. This ease of interaction and operation makes a wiki an effective tool for collaborative authoring. Therefore, EsquireEmpire is a collaboratively authored, dynamically edited, reference, resource, and guide for all issues concerning law in the State of Oklahoma.

EsquireEmpire encourages Oklahomans to join EsquireEmpire by clicking public.esquireempire.com | here, and use, update, and expand the information on this site.

Where is EsquireEmpire? (Hint: We Moved!)

The EsquireEmpire wikis recently migrated to new software on new servers operated by a new host. Originally built in the Wikispaces community as a hosted wiki, EsquireEmpire moved to a MediaWiki platform when Wikispaces announced the service was going out of business. Now hosted by CiviHosting. we enjoyed excellent support through the migration and on the rare occasion when technical problems arise with the site.

Migration to MediaWiki gives the Wiki a more robust platform going forward, but there are bugs. It will take some time to remove obsolete features from the pages, enroll members and clean up after the move.

If you were previously a member or would like to join EsquireEmpire, please use the link at the top right of this page. If you have questions, forward them to admin@esquireempire.com.

Where is My EsquireEmpire User Account?

User accounts were migrated from the former platform, but to activate your account here, we need to know your username and email address associated with the old account.

If an account already exists with your preferred user name, we can confirm your email and reactivate that account.

Otherwise, click the "Request Account" link at the top right of this page to be considered as a contributor to public.esquireempire.com

EsquireEmpire Spaces/Communities

  • Oklahoma Law Students' EsquireEmpire Space - Lawschool.EsquireEmpire.com is a private wiki for Oklahoma law students. This space allows law students to exchange outlines and provides insights on classes, professors, and the law school experience. If you are an Oklahoma law student, sign up and get involved.