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Free Attorney Listing

EsquireEmpire is Oklahoma's fasting growing legal resource, because as a wiki Web site it allows visitors to EsquireEmpire to easily add, remove, or otherwise edit content. EsquireEmpire has added an attorney directory for Oklahoma lawyers and the purpose of this email is to allow you and your firm to add your listing free. For instructions on how to add your free listing go to How to Add a Directory Listing. And, feel free to edit and add content to other areas of EsquireEmpire.

What is EsquireEmpire?

EsquireEmpire is a community of wiki sites concerning Oklahoma legal issues, founded by an Oklahoma attorney. A wiki is a type of Web site that allows visitors to easily add, remove, or otherwise edit and change the available content. This ease of interaction and operation makes a wiki an effective tool for collaborative authoring. Therefore, EsquireEmpire is group of collaboratively authored, dynamically edited, references, resources, and guides for all issues concerning law in the State of Oklahoma.

EsquireEmpire Spaces/Communities

EsquireEmpire has three distinct wiki communities:

  • | Oklahoma Law Students' EsquireEmpire Space - is a private wiki for Oklahoma law students. This space allows law students to exchange outlines and provides insights on classes, professors, and the law school experience.
  • | Oklahoma Lawyers' EsquireEmpire Space - is a private forum only available to verified Oklahoma attorneys in good standing. This Oklahoma lawyer site features practice guides, form pleadings, and is basically a compilation of the knowledge of each of the member attorneys. Membership to this space has limited to a certain number of attorneys for each geographic area in Oklahoma and each practice area. If you are interesting in joining the community, add your attorney listing to the directory (How to Add a Directory Listing) and email