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Christal Dianne Adair, Esq.


Contact Information

Christal Dianne Adair Norman, OK 73071 Telephone: (405) 307-9601 Cell Phone: (405) 627-3866 Email:

Attorney Biography

Private practice attorney in Norman, Oklahoma for the past 18 years. I've represented numerous University of Oklahoma students in various criminal misdemeanor and felony cases. My goal is to put these young people in a position to have their criminal cases expunged from their record. Doing expungements of criminal records and providing a clean slate is very gratifying. I've always believed in second chances and for the slow learners, even third chances. I want to leave them in better shape than what they came to me in.

I also love doing adoption work and have represented many birth mothers looking to place their babies for adoption and couples seeking to adopt a child of their own. There is no better feeling than being part of building a family.

I do family law work as well, including: divorce, paternity, guardianships, and juvenile cases.

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