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How to Edit a Page on EsquireEmpire

  • First - Register. EsquireEmpire is a wiki Web site that can be edited by any one who joins by providing a log-in and email address.
    • Register. To register to edit click media type="custom" key="2509047" and the register page will open in another window. Enter a Username and Password of your choice, along with your email address. Then, click on the Join button.
    • Verify Email Address. An email will be sent to the email address you provided. In that email you will have to click the "Please confirm your email address now" link. Once this is done, you should see that the the silver outlined "protected" button on the top right of EsquireEmpire pages have changed to a green outlined "Edit this Page," which shows you which pages you can edit.
    • Receive Approval. Once you are approved for editing you will receive an email and on EsquireEmpire pages you should see that the the silver outlined "protected" button on the top right of EsquireEmpire pages have changed to a green outlined "Edit this Page," which shows you which pages you can edit.
  • Second - Edit a Page.
    • Find the Page. Navigate to the EsquireEmpire page you wish to edit.
    • Edit the Page. Click the green "Edit this Page" button and the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor will open easily allowing changes to be made to the page.
  • Third - Create a Page. There are two ways to create a new page on EsquireEmpire.
    • Option One. If you have registered and are logged in, you should see a "New Page" link on the left navigation bar. Simply click that link and then edit your new page. It is important that you create a link to your new page from appropriate pages on EsquireEmpire. Because of this, you might find that Option Two is easier.
    • Option Two. You first need to create an introduction to your page from an existing page. If you are creating an attorney's listing in EsquireEmpire's Oklahoma Lawyer Directory, this can be as simple as adding the attorney's name to the list of attorneys. Then, highlight the attorney's name (or other text that describes what the new page is about) and click the Insert Link (Z-inert-link-button-2.jpg) button. The "Create Link" window will open and by clicking the "OK" button it will create your new page and add a link to your new page on the page you are editing. Click save to finish editing this page and then click the link you just created to go onto and edit your new page.
  • Fourth - Recommendations.
    • Internet Browser. Although you can use Internet Explorer when adding or editing pages, EsquireEmpire recommends the use of Firefox, due to its built in spell check and the "Undo" capabilities available under Firefox's "Edit" heading.
    • Change Notification. Because EsquireEmpire allows any registered user to edit pages, it is suggested that you monitor changes made to pages you have worked on. By clicking on the "Notify Me" on the left navigation bar of a page, you can request email notification of any modifications, additions, or edits to that page.
    • Images. Providing an image for a page can greatly increase the attention visitors give to that page. For that reason, it is highly recommend that you upload a relevant image for any pages you create or edit. To do this follow the steps below:
      • Edit & Name Image. Prior to uploading an image you may want to use an image editor to scale it to the proper image size and save it to an appropriately small file size. Additionally, it is recommended that you save the image with a descriptive file name, such as attorney-name-esq.jpg.
      • Upload Image. While editing, place the cursor at the place where you want the image to appear and then click the "Insert Images and Files" (Y-image-button.jpg) button. Under "Upload New File" click the "Browse" button, select your image, and hit "Upload."
      • Select Image. With the "Insert Images and Files" window open, browse through the pages of images until you one you need or uploaded appears and then double click it to add it unto the page you are editing.
  • Clarity of Instructions. If any portion of these instructions is misleadings, incorrect, or confusing, please edit this page to resolve the concerns for future visitors.

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