Oklahoma Professional Visitation Supervisor Directory

  • What is a Professional Visitation Supervisor? A Professional Visitation Supervisor is a person trained to monitor a non-custodial parent's visitation with his or her child(ren) in situations where a court believes that unsupervised visitation is not in the best interest of the child(ren). Reasons where a court might order professionally supervised visitation include: (1) where there are allegations of physical, mental, or sexual abuse, (2) where there is no existing significant relationship between the parent and child, (3) where the court desires a report from a Professional Visitation Supervisor to help deciding a highly contested child custody or visitation case.

Oklahoma Professional Visitation Supervisors

  • Tulsa County, Oklahoma Visitation Supervisors
    • New Vision Family & Community Services - $50 per hour with a $35 (per parent) initial intake fee. Summary reports for $25 and detailed reports for $50. Can expedite the report for an additional fee.
    • Angels of Life Visitation Services.
    • The Parent Child Center of Tulsa- Through a grant provides six (6) free supervised visitations to parents receiving DHS benefits (have FGN number).
    • Visitation Solutions Court & Community Services- Provides supervised visitations at the non-custodial parent's home and other locations within the greater Tulsa area. All supervisors have a bachelors degree and at least eight (8) years experience in this or a similar field. Charges $25.00 per hour.
    • Ms. Jessica Craig
      (918) 455-8201
    • Mr. Matthew Mellage - Specializes in supervision for high risk cases. An off duty police officer is present for all visitations. $40.00 per hour. Serves the greater Tulsa, Oklahoma area.
      Broken Arrow, OK
      (918) 557-5545
    • Ms. Trey Trotter, MS, LMFT- Provides professionally supervised visitation at either her office or in the community. She has two office locations- including Tulsa and Ponca City. Ms. Trotter, a Licensed Marital and Family Therapist has been conducting Supervised Visitation, Therapeutic Supervised Visitation, Reconciliation Therapy, Monitored Visitation, Supervised Exchanges, Mediation, Parenting Coordination, and Custody Evaluations since 2001. $45 per hour.
    • Kelly Dawn Bell - Provides supervised visitation in Tulsa County for $30 to $50 per hour depending on the number of children, the difficulty of the case, and the travel time. Supervision outside of Tulsa County is available at the same cost plus mileage fees.
      1444 South Carson
      Tulsa, OK 74119
      (918) 794-5587
    • The Parent Child Center of Tulsa
      (918) 599-7999
    • Family & Children's Services - Has new grant for supervised visitation, which is divided into three separate levels: (1) Visitation Observation, (2) Supportive Visitation, (3) Therapeutic Visitation. The third level of visitation is part of the FIND program.
      (918) 587-9471
    • Alliance of Tulsa
    • Alliance provides a safe professional setting. We provide therapeutic supervised visitation and monitored visitation. we are both onsite and off site. The cost is 45.00 per hour with no limit on number of children. Reports are written after every visit detailing how the visit went.
      James D. Lovett, MS, LPC
      7715 E. 111th St., Suite 123
      Tulsa, OK 74133
      (918) 747-0155
      (918) 747-0159 - Facsimile
    • Rebound Mental Health - Carrie F. Short, MSW, LCSW providing therapeutic and supervised visitation for families in a private, professional environment. Visitation is structured to facilitate healthy relationships while understanding the child's developmental needs and life experiences.

Oklahoma Therapeutic/Reconciliation Counselors

  • Tulsa County
    • Mr. Charles F. McGowan
      3223 E. 31st St., Suite 201
      Tulsa, OK 74105
      (918) 749-6935
    • Mrs. Linda Van Valkenburg
      2615 E. 15th St.
      Tulsa, OK 74104

      (918) 280-9654

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