Adair County District Court in Stilwel, Oklahoma


Courthouse Location & Contact Information

Adair County District Court
229 W. Division Street
Stilwel, OK 74960
Telephone: (918) 696-7633
Facsimile: (918) 696-5365
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Information about Adair County District Court

  • District. The Adair County District Court is part of the 15th District of Oklahoma, which includes:
    • Adair County District Court
  • Court Clerk. The Adair County District Court Clerk is Paula McCarter.

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Municipal Courts & Courthouses in Adair County

Adair County Attorneys and Lawyers

If you have a case pending in Adair County District Court or otherwise need a Adair County attorney , view EsquireEmpire's Adair County, Oklahoma Attorney Directory or see a list of a few of the lawyers who practice in Adair County District Court below:
  • Charles Wayne Bailey, Esq. - Practices in Administrative law, Alternate Dispute Resolution, Contracts, Elder law, Estate Planning & Probate, Guardianship, Insurance, Oil, Gas& Mineral, Appellate practice, Bankruptcy-Business, Business & Corporate, Employment, Financial Institution & Banking, Labor & Employment, Patent, Trademark & Copyright, Probate, Real Property(Land), Social Security, Taxation, Wills & Trusts.
  • Dena Carol Dickinson, Esq. - Practices in Adoption, Business & Corporate, Contracts, Divorce, Estate Planning & Probate, Family law, General Practice, Probate, Guardianship, Personal Injury, Real Property(Land), Wills & Trusts.
  • Nancy A. Martin, Esq. - Practices in Adoption, Divorce, Employment, Family law, General Practice, Guardianship, Labor & Employment, Personal Injury.

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